Empowering People Through Employment and Training

Employment opportunities, training and skills development

Job Opportunities

We provide job opportunities for the local community.

Training & Support

Training, advice and support to help you find your next job role.

CV & Careers Advice

We will assist you with your CV and help you find the right career.

A Safe Environment

A safe environment to receive support and careers advice.

About Our Kids

Our Kids is a charity dedicated to supporting the local community by providing employment opportunities and career training. We work with young people to provide them with the skills necessary enter employment and thrive within their chosen career. We provide careers advice, CV advice, training and support. As well as offering training and guidance, we also also provide jobs and employment opportunities via our social enterprise subsidiary Easygift.


We are committed to supporting the local community by providing jobs and employment opportunities.


We provide training and advice to support you throughout your current and future career.

Skills for Life

We providing training to equip you with the tools and skills to secure long term employment.

What Our Members say

Aron Rosen

Our Kids was my first job opportunity, but above all gave me the skills and confidence to begin my career.

Phil Weiss

Our Kids work was there for me at just the right moment, they helped me get back into higher education.

Our Partners